Bosch Performance Line CX, 250 W, 75 Nm, 25 km/h

Drive unit

Powerful Bosch Performance CX (75 Nm) drive unit with PowerPack 500

All XCYC e-cargo bikes are fitted with the powerful Bosch Performance CX mid drive system with a PowerPack 500 battery pack. In collaboration with Bosch the support offered by the Bosch Performance CX drive unit has been specially adapted to our XCYC PICKUP. We have chosen a system from the leading manufacturer for its broad service network, good guarantee policy and provision of sustained performance in particular in continuous commercial use. We use a heavy-duty mountain-bike chain to transmit the power of up to 75 Nm to the rear axle. The rechargeable battery can be charged directly on the XCYC PICKUP or alternatively at any location via a standard power socket.

Bosch Power Pack, 500 Wh

Rechargeable battery

Durable Bosch PowerPack 500 battery pack

The 500 Wh rechargeable battery can be charged directly on the XCYC via a special charging socket or via a standard power socket. The rechargeable battery is secured by a lock to the XCYC PICKUP. The rechargeable battery is easy to attach and remove with the key. It is also possible to charge the rechargeable battery at any location.

Handlebar stem by ergotec

Handlebar / Handlebar stem

Ergonomical, height-adjustable stem by ergotec

The height-adjustable handlebar stem of your XCYC PICKUP can be ergonomically adjusted to any riding requirements.

Bosch Intuvia Display


Multi-functional Bosch Intuvia display

When it comes to the display and control element, we rely on the tried-and-tested Bosch Intuvia display. The display is simple to remove from the handlebars and support can be easily deactivated. That means your XCYC PICKUP and display are also protected against possible theft.

The perfectly ergonomically positioned unit on the left-hand side of the handlebars lets you select the desired support level. There are four riding modes: Off, Eco, Tour and Turbo. The achievable range of battery support from your XCYC PICKUP varies, depending on the support level, terrain, riding surface and load.

Shimano disc brakes

Disc brakes

Hydraulic Shimano disc brakes

The XCYC PICKUP is equipped with top-quality 203-mm diameter Shimano disc brakes. At the rear, the XCYC PICKUP features two large brake discs.

This combination brings your fully loaded XCYC PICKUP safely to a halt in no time.

Saddle by SMP, stem by ergotec

Saddle and stem

Ergonomical, high-quality saddle by SMP; height-adjustable stem by ergotec

The XCYC PICKUP is equipped with an ergonomical, high-quality saddle made by SMP. This saddle with gel insert makes even long trips and daily use on deliveries pleasant.

As an optional extra, the XCYC PICKUP offers a height-adjustable saddle stem. Also made by ergotec, it can be easily adjusted by means of a lever in next to no time to suit the any rider.

Shimano Deore 9-Speed

Rear axle

Robust construction in combination with Shimano Deore 9-speed derailleur

The rear axle of your XCYC PICKUP is a continuous/fixed 25-mm steel axle which has been specially developed to suit the purposes of the XCYC PICKUP. It can withstand the toughest conditions and the heaviest loads.

The frame, or more precisely the paintwork, of the section closest to the drive chain of your XCYC PICKUP is protected by special protective pads.

A chain guard for the XCYC PICKUP is available on request.

Trailer hitch

Trailer hitch

Adaption for a Weber trailer hitch.

The XCYC PICKUP ALLROUND frame features a trailer hitch option. You can mount a standard Weber bicycle trailer hitch using an adapter for the XCYC PICKUP ALLROUND. This is available as an optional extra for an additional charge. A special straight drawbar for towing standard bicycle trailers is also available via XCYC.

Highly stable spokeless rear wheels

Rear tyres

Highly stable spokeless rear wheels

That means broken spokes or warped rims are not an issue for our XCYC Pickup, even when transporting extremely heavy loads.

We also supply 10-inch alloy rims with wide tubeless quad-bike tyres as an optional extra for the XCYC PICKUP ALLROUND.

Headlight by TRELOCK

Lighting package

Lighting package compliant with German road traffic registration ordinance (StVZO), consisting of reflectors, headlight and rear light

The StVZO-compliant lighting package comprises a reflector, a headlight and rear light mounted at the rear of the XCYC Pickup. The rear light features a sensor-controlled brake light function. The brake light also lights up when sharp deceleration is detected, further increasing the safety of the rider and the load in critical situations.

Pedale von XLC
Pedals by XLC


For optimum grip when pedalling

To guarantee optimum grip when pedalling your XCYC PICKUP we use so-called “bear’s paw” pedals. These prevent the rider’s shoes from slipping from the pedals. We rely on pedals from the top-quality XLC brand.

Made in Germany

XCYC is a brand of GWW – Gemeinnützige Werkstätten und Wohnstätten GmbH. The XCYC PICKUP e-cargo bike is assembled by people with disabilities in Calw in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The individual components are sourced from top-quality suppliers.

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